Tour Update

Hi Again ladies,

Good news, most of you would like to move forward with your tour to South Africa. Whoop Whoop!

We have been staying on top of news and reports from the United StatesState department , the CDC , and South African health ministry,

Please keep in mind that Africa is vast and the largest continent in the world not a country. South Africa is farther away from West Africa than England or South America.

South Africa has not had one cause of Ebola, where United States has had four.

South Africa is well over 3300 miles from any effected area. That is further that New York to Los Angeles, which is 2800 miles. London is actually closer! Please see the map below.

South African has shut down ALL entry in to the country to ALL Non South African citizens traveling from the affected areas including doctors. In addition all South African citizens that may have traveled from affected areas are quarantined for medical testing. They can tell who has traveled into the areas by passport entry and exit stamps. The South Africa goverments bans are one of the strictest in world for keeping its country safe. Some say America should do the same.

There is no concern about flights Ebola is not an airborne illness; it is only contracted when a person is extremely ill and symptomatic. Trust me the airlines are not joking. South African Airlines send an safety update with their process for flight staff watching passagers from ANYWHERE in the world. Including us!

Not to belittle your concerns but the American News services is sensationalizing coverage. Here in Eroupe we are a lot closer to the problem. There is informative coverage but nothing like fear provoking news that I am seeing in the States. I am not a big fan of FOX News or Shepard Smith but this telecast was on point

If you have question or concerns, please reply to this email or call me
at 323.522.5601 which trasfer to my phone in Rome.

I look forward to traveling with you to South Africa.