What I Learned Today – July 8, 2016 – BGT Interns

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…

Within 24 hours my life changed to get this internship and I almost didn’t apply because my passport was out being renewed!!  I was FREAKING out because I didn’t realize the timeline would be that short so I hung my head and said I didn’t have time for it to come back PLUS it wasn’t a pay week….my coworkers almost slapped me and said DUH, just expedite your passport!  Call them and give credit card number!  WHY didn’t I think of that? Because we put LIMITS on ourselves and want to put off things, procrastinating against destiny.   I called that day, had my daddy give me the money for it, went home and jazzed up really quickly, had a glass of wine and SLAYED the video that day instead of WAITING like I usually do and figuring that I have time.  I wanted to be FIRST in line and VOILA, it worked out!  If an opportunity presents itself, do EVERYTHING that you can do to make sure that you stand out and are first come, first serve.

Check out the video to see how that applies to the Roman lifestyle:


The Gorgeous Tiber River!

Today we spent our evening along the beautiful Tiber river for the annual summer festival. I learned that once these tents go up for the festival that is their official symbol that it is Summer! I also learned that the river can flood up to 20 feet high in the winter time. And like many countries, the less fortunate tend to live along the river within this flood zone. So this river, though gorgeous, can be deadly for some.

It’s a Small Rome After All. 

Tonight the girls and I went out for the first time. We took a lot of pictures and recorded so many videos! We also met a ton of guys while out; they LOVE black girls here. There was one particular guy who was really tall and spoke good english, which is a hot commodity.  He insisted on dinner near a beach and the date was set for Sunday. We learned just how small Rome is once we arrived home and showed Fleace the footage from our night out; it turns out that, out of the 1.5 million or so men that there are in Rome, Fleace dated this guy! Contact deleted!



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