What I Learned Today – July 12, BGT Internship

Italian Food?  Maybe

Dining out in Italy is totally different than expected.  The food is incredibly delicious but if you come seeking “Italian food” that you’ve been groomed to think is comfort food, you’ll be far off the mark!  Fettuccine alfredo?  So not a thing.  Spaghetti with meatballs? Nah.  Lasagna heavy with ricotta?  Not so much.  Check out the video for other things:

The Love of Family

Today in Rome I got to witness first hand the love and appreciation Italians have for family. In the United States we always see movies and shows that play off of this, however to witness it first hand was a different feeling. Italians are very loving and soft people. It was amazing to see what an American might consider embarrassing or awkward come so easily.



Today, a taxi at the Colosseum didn’t want to run the meter, Fleace told the driver she would call the police and he promptly wanted us gone. We found an honest driver who agreed to run the meter, and as you’ll find out in the video, the cost of the trip was much less than €35. So if you’re taking a taxi from a location that is common tourist spot, or if you’re taking a taxi from a club/bar, always make sure that the driver runs the meter.

One thought on “What I Learned Today – July 12, BGT Internship”

  1. Thank you for debunking the stereotypes on Italian food, and great taxi advice about leaving the meter running. It’s the complete opposite here in the states, so I can see why they are able to scam American tourists. Great reporting, Vonnie. Looking forward to the next one. Keep enjoying yourself!

    Love, Jazine

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