What I Learned Today – BGT Interns 7/22/16

We all know that water is precious because it makes up most of the planet and composes 75% of our bodies, but the Romans REALLY love their water.  They take pride in their ancient aqueducts and crisp, clean water.  You can literally drink your fill on the streets, out of random fountains.  I know, I gave that the side eye too but then drank some on a hot summer’s day and wooooo so delicious! We leave our bottles empthy and seek OUT the fountains to refill!


Creative Focus

Fleace has a very creative eye and while walking around Rome, I was able to see how she views buildings, and how she photographs them in a way to bring out the story within the photo. I also learned that Fleace’s Samsung Galaxy phone takes way better photos than my iPhone!


The Roman Forum

Today, I visited the beautiful site that used to be the center of all Roman public life. The Forum is whats left of the capital consisting of ruins of ancient government buildings, shrines, temples, and much more. The Roman people used to gather here for public elections, to criminal trials, and it even acted as a marketplace. Sometimes referred to as one of the most celebrated meeting places in the world, The Forum earned its title and was completely breathtaking.

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