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What I Learned Today – July 7, 2016 – BGT Interns 2016

Impossible Literally Says “I’m Possible”! — Javonne
Learning to balance my sleepy, lazy persona with Fleace’s bubbly, energetic persona was a life lesson that made me want to even apply for the internship; if one never creates challenges, one will stay stagnant and I was tired of being stagnant. Her whole being is against excuses , “Impossible is nothing.” She lives that and I’m taking notes on how to as well. Exciting stuff, I tell ya!

Also, keep your eyes on and butt out of the road lmao! Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉


Customer Service… Non Existent at Closing Time — Sarah
Today I learned not to expect the internet service provider to care about my WIFI issues when rolling up to the store 15 minutes before closing.  Italians (unlike many Americans) work to live and once its time to go, they’re ready to go!

Another observation that I’ve made is that ,the stores here have specific purposes for specific things. So if your Samsung phone isn’t working, then you wouldn’t go to your service provider, you would go to the Samsung repair center.


Fresh is Best! — Jareyah

I learned that Italians are very big on fresh food. Left overs and entire month bulk grocery shopping (common American practices) is pretty much nonexistent here in Italia. More updates coming soon!