Almost Done

As the days are drawing nearer and nearer to the end it begins to feel bitter sweet. I will be so happy to see my family and friends and start my senior year, but in doing that I know I have to end my vacation. Plus I will be leaving Roma and Fleace. My journey around the world has just begun and I won’t let it stop soon!

Day 6

Today  I woke up at like  3:00 p.m. (I had a long night lol) We got ready and headed out the door. Today we took a lot of public transportation. We first got on the subway line then transferred to the B line. And get this I knew how to get to each destination with very little help from Fleace. Guess you can say I’m a pro now lol. After the subway rides we walked to the bus stop to wait on our bus. I learned that all your public transportation tickets go together so if you buy a Metro ticket you can use that same ticket to get on a bus, or even the subway  but ONLY if it’s validated! Yup they’re pretty amazing for that lol.

We got on the bus and went to the Porta di Roma mall. First thing we did in the mall was find something to eat. As you may tell already we like to eat hahaha. We ate some Thai food it was really good I had Chow Mein and Fleace had Wok Rice. After lunch we walked around a little  so I could see what an Italian mall was like, then we headed to Ikea so Fleace could get some stuff for he house. You could imagine how fun that was for me lol.  After Ikea we headed back to the house in a taxi. When we got home we had to hurry and freshen up because we had another interview at nine and it was already eight thirty. We did the interview which went really really well and now for the rest of the night is for chilling and packing for my flight home on Tuesday.

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  1. Sounds like a busy day. I always enjoy using public transportation when I go on vacation it’s always an adventure =) alas your journey to Rome is coming to an end but in reality your adventures are just beginning!

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